P // Dunkelbunt Photography
V // Camilla Roth
M // Kerstin Brueller // Model
L // Duhnen, Cuxhaven, Germany
D // Oct-2016
I am more than thankful, that my #seaside16 girls convinced me of working a different make up this time. It is unusual, but unusual doesn’t mean bad. That’s what I took out of this. This wonderful photograph by Maren of Dunkelbunt Photography shows best. Maren is a wonderful beauty and portrait photographer who is so great to work with. She knows what she wants from you and believe me, she knows how to get there by letting you be yourself. Her photos tell stories. This project was something totally different for me – not only the make up, but also because of the soft and thoughtful look, mood and mindset of Maren and myself. „Through The Looking Glass“ means a lot to me, because it challenged me in a brittle way and it let my mind and my body movement wander in a different direction – I always wanted to go and to try out. Thank you Maren for making it possible for me and for being the sweet and straight photographer you are with the ability to get a side out of me I haven’t known before. Thank you for working with me again – it is always such a pleasure and I cannot wait until we meet again. 


The air stays in my lungs, the bitter taste reminds me I’m not home. I am tired, everything fades into white. My thoughts are in the way, my eyes are burning. I won’t say a word, this is my time, I won’t break.

~ Devil Sold His Soul / A Forebonding Sky