P // Slicpic Fotografie
M-L+V // Camilla Roth
M-R // Kerstin Brueller
L // Duhnen Beach, Cuxhaven, Germany
D // Oct-2016
My sweet Camilla. I never doubted that a photoshooting together with you would be anything else than special. You made me feel so comfortable. In the moment, so protected. It was definitely a special experience, very emotional. So natural and delicate in movement. Thank you so much for your beautiful heart and soul. Your fun and sweet personality, I never want to miss again. You’re truly one in a million. A shooting star in a cold world. You set hearts on fire. Thank you for bringing out a side of me I haven’t known before – a fragile, brave, natural and pure one.

Thank you Christina for taking these wonderful pictures of Camilla and myself. I hope you know how much this means to me. I never ever imagined the emotions that still come up when I look at those pictures. Heart to heart ladies – Thank you with all of my heart.


Take my hand. Please just take my hand. Hold it fast. Guide me. Safe me. Protect me. Hold me tight to your heart … When the storm comes our way. Don’t leave me. Come back. Come back to me.