P // Herzflimmern
M // Kerstin Brueller
L // Marzahn, Berlin, Germany
D // Oct-2016
Dini, wherever I am with you, I am able to see the beauty in the most lonely and most lost places. Beauty of loneliness and of desolation. Lost in the moment with you and being lost together in order to find completion. Getting lost with you means to me “to be able to find myself – with you”. Thank you for being my best friend, an amazing, undefinable creative artist and the most loving and caring person. Without you in my life, my life would only be half as wonderful as it is. So much love.


Feel the air of the forgotten, don’t let go of the unknown. I’ve felt the world falling apart under my fingertips and I’ve seen it collapse in front of my eyes. My tears fill up an ocean and I’m drowning in it. We are lost on this planet, the world we created. Who can safe us now? Listen world … I’m sorry, for being so careless.