P // Carolina Auer Photography 
M // Kerstin Brueller
L // Duhnen, Cuxhaven, GER
D // Oct-2016
Carolina made my long term wish finally come true. The wish of a homestory series. I would have trusted every single one of my girls (only) to do a homestory with me, but Carolina’s unique photography style and look felt just right at that particular moment. Carolina works with motion in her photographs – meaning, she wants her model to naturally move – that’s why and how she’s able to catch a moment out of an actual happening moment. It was a new experience for myself, as I constantly had to move. Thank you so so much for your time and trust. Thank you for your heart and gift of capturing moments as they are. Thank you so much for You.


Help Me Remember When I Wake Up I Know That All Roads Lead To Home In Some Way And I’m On My Way, Are You On Your Way?

~ Listener / Most Roads Lead To Home