P // Ramona Hackl Photography
MUA // Kirschundkern
M // Kerstin Brueller
L // Studio, 14th district, Vienna
D // Apr-2017

The day with Mona (Ramona Hackl Photography) and Christina (kirschundkern) was just incredible. Two lovely ladies by my side all doing what they love. Everything just worked out the way we all wished and hoped for. I’m a huge fan of Christina’s fashion make up – the way she works with colors and color combinations and how she creates a unique, artsy look, so strong! Mona, a super creative person herself – she knew where she wanted to go with the look and worked her light and compositions. A wonderful person to work with, because she makes it so easy for the model to move, but also to try out new. We all had good laughs and so much fun being ourselves and I believe the results show, how much we all went very well together. Thank you so much ladies. It was My pleasure.


She’s Fire And Ice. You’ll Fear The Cold And Carve The Burn.

– JmStorm