P // Kunterbunt Fotografie
M // Kerstin Brueller
MUA // Kirschundkern
Hair // Nadine Hochwieser
Bralette // Körbchen
L // Sintra, Portugal
D // Apr-2018

This was my first shooting with wonderful Debby from Kunterbunt Fotografie – which I truly longed-for in a while. The work we do is quiet, full of quiet emotions and focused on our surroundings. It’s built on trust and knowing the other. It’s our time together and capturing exactly that in that specific moment. Thanks hon for everything!

No other bralette than the beautiful black one by Körbchen would have been better for this set. Credits for this amazing hairstyle goes to Nadine Hochwieser (on top of her game) and the stunning make up by no one other than lovely Kirschundkern . Thank you ladies!!! 🖤

I’ve forgotten how many cacti walls I planted just to keep myself from you. Now, they are blooming like on no other day.