P // Bianca Marie Fotografie
MUA // Yolanda Dohr
M // Kerstin Brueller 
L // 10th district, Vienna, Austria
D // Dec-2017

When dear Bianca texted me, that she was visiting her best friend Yoli in Vienna again and asked me if I had time to work on a little project with the both of them – I hectically checked my calendar and was super relieved when I saw that the morning was free of appointments. I felt so happy and honored and excited to meet up with those two wonderful ladies. I was excited spending time with them, talking about what happened over the past 6 months and just mix all of our passions and express something together. Thank you ladies! Thank you so much for your work and time!

I also wrote down a few personal thoughts on what modelling means to me, my dreams, what I appreciate in creatives/friends I am collaborating with and what expression has to do with all of it. Here’s the link to my personal thoughts.


And those stars underneath your eye, sparkled brighter with every dream you made for yourself. Because your dreams were your own little garden and expression your cure to grow.