P // Martin Moravek Photography
PA // Ewald Grabenbauer
M-f // Kerstin Brueller // Model
A // Richard Wimmer / KEINE AGENTUR
L // bikepirat.at, Grafenwörth, Lower Austria, AUT
D // Sept-2016

All the thanks go to bikepirat.at and Richard Wimmer for choosing me as a model again and to Martin Moravek Photography and his hardworking assistant Ewald Grabenbauer for the professionalism and the art of setting and putting me into a certain light. Also a huge thank you goes to Martin Ganglberger who couldn’t have been a better pirate. He truly IS a pirate at heart, that’s for sure.

It were two really amaaazing days – eagerly awaited –, with lots of input, outputs, concepts, fun and crazy results, with lots of laughs and unique personalities … and lots of muscular tension. It were two fun days working hard with talented and passionate people.

Thank You! Thank you so much for You! – the best imaginable team someone could have and work with!