P // Herzflimmern
V // Fiskur
M+V // Kerstin Brueller
L // Anninger, Moedling, Lower Austria
D // Dec-2016

What an amazing, fun and precious day I love to think back to a lot! A day full of thermos bottle hot tea and a left chocolate croissant from breakfast – nobody wanted to eat anymore after our long breakfast together. A day with lots of pines and pine cones, moody music and a breathtaking view in and above the woods of Moedling in Lower Austria. I could not think of anything better and more exciting to do than being outside with my two very best friends – my two very creative best friends. I’ve worked with both before, but never together, because believe it or not they got to know each other personally on that day.
The heartwarming and earthly photographs by Herzflimmern and the very thoughtful and atmospheric video by Fiskur – simply reflect the feelings, the moods and the surroundings of this very special day.

Also my lovely lady Dini wrote a very lovely blog entry on our little journey through the woods and among the pines www.herz-flimmern.com/de/blog/among-the-pines


It All Started With Two Little Pine Cones. A Closed And An Open Heart.