We have a major problem on our shoulders and a huge task in our hands. We need to change this world of cruelty. ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’, Mahatma Gandhi once said.

Veganism is a very big topic, as of the growing knowledge, revelation of ongoing cruelty and the common human sense. A healthy lifestyle, which is concerning all of us!

mother sheep with its baby and herd viennese sheep cute and beautiful sheep
mother sheep with its baby and herd / Photo by Sheep & Ouzo

Veganism is not a diet (fyi: the diet is called plant-based), it is a cruelty free, loving and caring lifestyle. Better denoted as an ‘attitude to life’, a kind hearted, loving, compassionate attitude. Out of my honest, personal opinion I can say, the way we treat the animals is the forerunner of how we treat other human beings.

I request you to watch this short introduction video (no actual cruelty shown) by Peta.

… and when we realized, that every heart feels – I’m guilty and conscience.

Nowadays, we can talk about our ethical reasons as well as about the health and environmental reasons – and there is no more excuse to look away anymore and sweet-talk everything. We have a major problem on our shoulders and a huge task in our hands.

As simple as it is: The human kind problem is the way of how we are treating each other – and I am not only talking about how humans treat other humans, but how the human kind is treating the animals on this planet. How the human kind earthlings treat the animal earthlings. And YES, we need to change!

Hals x Beinbruch holding my free of charge stickers Love all animals equally
Personal Trainer Hals x Beinbruch with my free of charge stickers

In relation with my previous blogpost ‘I have never lived healthier & happier’ (which a lot of you read – thank you so much!) I would like to recommend you a couple of eye-opening videos and articles on veganism and a plant-based diet.

This is for EVERYBODY! I won’t randomly link you videos down below, which show animal cruelty – even though I think people need to get aware of what is happening behind the perfectly presented and packed flesh in our supermarkets, the cruelty, the fear, the torture and the loss animals feel – because I believe you NEED TO SEE it. And if you think now ‘I don’t have to watch it, because I know what is happening’, then you really need to watch it. (I can’t watch it without crying and feeling so much compassion.)

But no, I would like to show you easily understandable fact-based videos of wonderful human being, animal activists and doctors.



I took a 365 day vow of silence to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence.’

— James Aspey

If you ask me, who I truly adore, I would name you Australian activist James Aspey, British activist Earthing Ed and Australian activist Joey Carbstrong. 

I can only recommend you to watching their videos on YouTube on how they talk to people, who come up to them and want to talk about veganism. These three men are truly role models to anybody, in my eyes. James for example, took a 365 days challenge to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence called ‘Voiceless365’.

Here are just a couple of recommended videos on James’ channel



No animal needs to suffer for our food, fashion and life choices. 

Vegan food is energizing, healthy and nutritious if cooked right. YES, you will need to deal with what you put into your body. I hate to break it to you, but I believe that everybody should need to think about what they put into their body. And be realistic and honest with yourself. Listen to your body, and your ethical thinking and make great food choices for yourself and the animals on this earth.

frozen berries strawberries blueberries raspberries chocolate soy creme with vanilla powder white cup
protein soy chocolate cream with frozen berries and coconut on top

Each and every day I am on the internet looking for new delicious recipes. Nowadays, it is too easy to be true. Go on pinterest and look for vegan recipes or get inspired by vegan YouTube videos. If you’re the more analog person, buy a book that keeps you going on vegan recipes. No animal needs to suffer for our food choices. Our tastebuds are not more important than the life of an animal.

Here are some of my favorite food links:

I believe you get the idea. There are natural supplements for all dairy products, if that’s what keeping you. It is so simple.

Are you thinking about trying out vegan? There’s a website called Challenge22, which is a 22 days vegan challenge that provides you with daily motivation and recipes.

vegan recipes pinterest a variety of delicious vegan foods easy and fast to prepare at home low budget
This is what pops up on my pinterest if I type in “vegan recipes”.

Animals are not here to eat, to wear and to dominate. They are not here for us. They are here WITH us. They are needed to be treated with respect and love.

As a vegan I am against animal cruelty, as I believe most of us are – because we all love animals. We all know of the cosmetic industry and the tests they take on animals to ‘assure safety for the user’. I don’t need to tell you what is done to cats, bunnies, rats, monkeys, pigs, etc. but in case you would like to know I am sure you will get lots of material on the internet.

Therefore look for natural cosmetics (be careful though, they are not always vegan) and the typical vegan label (or any note that says vegan). In order to call a product vegan, strict regulations are necessary. Nowadays you can get vegan cosmetics everywhere, so why not just buy the vegan product and prevent cruelty, rather than support it? It’s just a grab away and it feels so much better.

What makes a product vegan?
Read the explanatory post by The Vegan Society about ‘Vegan Trademark Standards’. 

What vegan labels are out there? And why we still need to be mindful?
Read the post ‘Cruelty-Free and Vegan Labels & Logos Explained’ by ethicalelephant

Here are some recommendations. Please always make sure to turn the (cosmetic) product around and check for the vegan trademark label:

Let me know your favorite products in the comment section down below.

When it comes to modeling I always tell the make up and hair artist and stylist, that I am living a vegan lifestyle and I kindly ask to use at least cruelty free products on my face and body – if possible vegan. Until now, it was always been adopted understandingly well (thank you all for your respect towards me and the animals).

I don’t and won’t model fur, leather or any other by-products of flesh. That is something I believe in and I am sticking to. Period.



What defines us and our personality? What we believe in and what choices we take and changes we make.

There are a couple of really great, eye-opening documentaries out there concerning the animals, our health and our planet, which I truly recommend you to watch with great caution. Of course be critical, but also be honest to yourself. We need to start looking closely instead of looking away.

earthlings cowspiracy what the health a plastic ocean live and let live documentaries poster
Documentaries listed above


I don’t know how far my blogpost will change your view on the topic or will inform you in a way, that you will decide to make changes for yourself and the life around you. I am very optimistic though – even if it is still very tough in a non-vegan cruel world – that the human kind will change. Slowly but steadily. Mahatma Gandhi once said:

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

– – –  – – – – – – – – –

Most of you probably know the design I used for the header of this blogpost. It’s my “Love All Animals Equally” by Tin.Eller Design, which comes free of charge with each order you make in my design shop OR if you see me on the streets in Vienna, Austria. 

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