We’re not just friends anymore, we are a family. Because we always find a way to make it through – always together. Always strong and steady at each others side.

Lost Adventures Ladies Crew at Praia da Ursa, Portugal beach sand cove water pointy rocks kids in the back and selfie
Lost Adventures Ladies Crew at Praia da Ursa, Portugal

My ladies and I left for another meetup again late March 2018. This time we chose Lisbon in Portugal. Why? Good question, because we actually planned on travelling to Greece, dreamt of Iceland’s landscape but decided it was too cold and expensive and made a rational quick decision, that we all ‘actually kinda love Portugal’. The majority of our ladies group hasn’t been there before and the few that already had the chance just loved to get back to it’s beautiful coasts and landscape.

Again we had wonderful designer ladies on board. Handmade and unique clothings from Vienna, Hamburg and Berlin, who were way too good to us and supported us with their beautiful, colorful and differenting designer clothes. Thank you so very much!

Roses on the terrace and wedding dress Symphony by Heyday Vienna
Roses on the terrace and wedding dress Symphony by Heyday Vienna / Photo by Kunterbunt Fotografie

Getting up super early – 4 AM to be exact – on March 30th with my ladies Dini from Herzflimmern, Christina from Kirschundkern and Carolina Auer from Flowersgrowingwild we left for the airport in Munich. Leaving that early, unexpectedly, truly had it’s benefits, we didn’t really want to admit at first because we were all super tired and exhausted, but as soon as we were approaching Lisbon our excitement was simply over the top.

in a plane above all clouds in the sky travelling to Lisbon Portugal
On the plane to Lisbon, Portugal / Photo by Herzflimmern

Arriving at our first quinta – a seemingly super old, interesting and honestly said super creepy house (that might be, because I’m just super scared of basically everything and anything that reminds me of some sort of horror movie – and YES I know that my mind often plays lots of tricks on me, but still I just don’t like old paintings and statues staring at me) just around the most western point of Europe called ‘Cabo da Roca’ – we just quickly put our bags there, waited for Lisa to arrive and left to do some grocery shopping.

Thanks to my ladies, for caring so much about my vegan lifestyle and trying to find vegan products for all of us at the super market, which was kind of difficult as no product was labelled as vegan and everything was only written in portuguese.

old house view to the beach and ocean with wide landscape
View of one side of the quinta / Photo by Kerstin Brueller

The house truly had its certain charm. Old furniture and walls and time stating decoration you don’t find just anywhere. Perfect for photo shootings as the whole scenery was unique. For the first photoshooting the day after we arrived, we chose a short drive and quite a challenging hike to get some nice shots surrounded by nature.

Therefore we started walking along a narrow walkway – a walkway only being a walkway, because a couple of people walked there before and the plants got stamped down, talking of lost and adventures again – until we decided to just cut across country. Well, we didn’t reckon the thistles aaand possible hiding snakes Dini mentioned when we were literally in the middle of nowhere – so much for sceptic looks at each other and inner panicking.

So we stamped down on the ground like a bunch of … super responsible and cautious people, of course. With a couple of stings and strong, quite chilling atlantic winds we made it to our shooting location.

First day afternoon photo shooting location Cabo da Roca / Photo by Herzflimmern

In the evening, after sundown, our lovely ladies Debby from Kunterbunt Fotografie, Nadine Hochwieser and Maren from Dunkelbunt Photography, who decided to join us at super last minute: girl you blew my mind by booking your flight ON the day of the meetup and made it happen to join us! It was priceless! Poor ladies did have some troubles at the airport with their car, but we all were happy to be finally be together later that night over our delicious vegan curry. Yum!

Unfortunately our ladies Christina from Slicpic Fotografie and Camilla Roth weren’t able to join us this time, but we all won’t let this happen again next time, because we missed them so dearly!

walk down to the cove beach and shore praia da ursa with pointy rocks and lots of beautiful landscape
Hike down to the cove ‘Praia da Ursa’ / Photos by Kerstin Brueller

The first day together we spent preparing for our photo shootings later that day at the beautiful cove ‘Praia da Ursa’. The models were getting ready at the house and getting put on professional make up by our MUAs Nadine Hochwieser and Kirschundkern. In the meanwhile our photographer were planning the route as well as the outfits we wanted to shoot that day.

The approximately 45 minutes rocky road hike down the hill was totally worth it. The cove in general was breathtakingly beautiful and THE perfect shooting location for us and the designer clothes we had with us.

Photographer and Model at the beach praia da ursa shooting for designers, models sitting on a stone waiting for their shooting, model getting dressed
at the cove ‘Praia da Ursa’ – shooting, getting dressed and waiting to be up next / Photos by Kerstin Brueller

When we reached the beach, I was truly shocked how dirty it was. At first I was disappointed, because it seemed people just left their trash there, as there was no trash bin available. BUT what shocked me even more and THIS is a serious topic and problem – little plastic parts coming from the sea. Not left at the beach, but coming from the sea.

It truly made me very sad to see and therefore I can only always say: Please, try to avaid as much plastic as possible. Think before you buy. Think before you separate your trash and think what businesses you support with your own habits and consumer behavior.

cove of Praia da ursa portugal, pointy rocks and calm sea, stones and sand beach and shore
Pointy stones of ‘Praia da Ursa’ near ‘Cabo da Roca’

Back at the house, we then had a very stressful evening and night. We urgently needed to find a new house, because the house we were living in was moldy and it was really really cold the whole time. We didn’t see and couldn’t believe it at first, but it was damp and mold was coming throught the walls. Anyhow, we couldn’t take the responsibility and the risk to stay there any longer, especially out of health reasons. As a group we sat together and tried to handle the situation as a team and it made me realize that these girls are not only my best friends, but my family – which I actually knew all along.

guincho beach surf house beautiful and surf school portugal cascais
Second house ‘Figueira Brava’, our beach house near Guincho beach, Cascais, Portugal / Photo by Kunterbunt Fotografie

We found this beautiful coast view house (shown above) ‘Figueira Brava’ in Cascais owned by Bernado Ruivo from ‘Wanted Surf School’ (two of our ladies did a surf session with them), not too far from the wonderful beach ‘Praia do Guincho’. Bernado was truly our lifesaver and made it work just the next day for all 8 girls. We were welcomed with open arms and couldn’t wait to spend a relaxing first night there.

But first …

driving into lisbon from the main street tiles houses pastell
Driving into Lisbon, Portugal

After a 45 minute drive to Lisbon and after approximately 30 minutes on top trying to find the damn entry of the city garage right underneath ‘Praça do Comércio’ – and ohhh yes, we all were swearing and yelling a lot! – we finally tried to find food and cold refreshing drinks.

ottos lemonades and pizza bread flanbread pizza and noodles food vegan
drinks at Otto’s in Lisbon, Portugal / Photo by Kerstin Brueller

With rather full bellies we decided to take a tuktuk to the ‘LX Factory’, which is a rather alternative neighborhood with little stores and cafés. We had a great time with our tuktuk driver Salvatore, or lets rather discuss if Salvatore enjoyed the time with us? I’m not so sure, haha. A tuktuk for normally 6 people, more than cramped with 8 giggling and loudly jabbering girls, putting pink toiletpaper on their head … sorry Nadi, but you’re just too cute to not mention and show (see photo down below). Poor Salvatore even understood each word we were saying, because he used to live in Germany for a couple of years.

tuktuk ride with nadi glasses and pink toiletpaper ladies trip in a tuktuk
Nadi <3 Lisa and Maren in the tuktuk / Photo by Herzflimmern
ladies crew taking a mirror selfie in a shop at the LX factory in Lisbon Portugal
only reason we went in that shop, was to take a mirror selfie / Photo by Herzflimmern

We truly enjoyed our walk through the LX factory and ended it at the outdoor coffee place ‘café na fábrica’, where we enjoyed coffee, cake and beer. It was time to get some photo shootings done so we tried to find Salvatore again to take us back but ‘oh, how could you not wait on us?’ wasn’t there. Let’s say he HAD TO drive someone else and he COULD JUST NOT BE THERE. So we took the bus back to ‘Praça do Comércio’  where we split for shopping and photo shootings.


Do you know what the best part always is, at our meetups? Dinner. When we all get to sit down after a long working day and enjoy amazing food together. That day we prepared pitas. And the first night at our new rental house was soooo great for everyone.

Vegan pita bread with cucumber, avocado, corn, black olives, crispy tofu and lettuce
Vegan pitas with cucumber, avocado, corn, black olives, crispy tofu and lettuce / Photos by Kerstin Brueller

The last two days we basically were all around the area and did some sets at and around the coast house as well as dramatic wind outdoor sunset and after sunset photo shootings. We also did some yoga to relax and to work towards the constant hustling.

Our last night together as a group we decided to spent at Guincho beach photo shooting the beautiful warm sunset. We got so lucky with it as the weather was always changing. For dinner we went out to celebrate Lisa’s birthday on April 4th and yet again the days were simply unforgettable.

wooden bridge down to Paia do Guincho, beach sand dunes Cascais, Portugal
wooden bridge down to Paia do Guincho, Cascais, Portugal / Photo by Herzflimmern

The whole ladies trip passed wayyy too fast again. It is unbelievable how days rush by and when you thought you just got onto the plane to see your girls, you find yourself at the airport again, having to say goodbye. Portugal was truly good to us. The weather forecast wasn’t the bees knees, but we got lucky. We again had it all.

I’ve been able to work on about 13 different photo shootings with my amazing ladies and the supportive designer brands, for which I am more than thankful for. I cannot believe that I have to wait at least 6 months again to see my ladies crew again.

portuguese coffee starbucks wrong name and airport goodbyes are always tough
portuguese name and airport goodyes

Thank you everyone for your love! Your endless nerves, patience and your powerful stamina. Thank you for being a team even at complicated times or when things don’t go by plan. Thank you for your support, Always! Thank you for You! (PS: don’t miss all the behind the scenes photos down below)

And when the waves come crashing in on me, I know you’ll stand with me. Side by side.

Herzflimmern, Nadine Schachinger
Carolina Auer Photography • Flowersgrowingwild, Carolina Schmiderer-Auer
Dunkelbunt Photography, Maren Heinze
Kunterbunt Fotografie (Lovers, Sinners & Saints), Debby Ostermöller

Nadine Hochwieser
Kirschundkern, Christina Sieberer

Lisa Skramovsky
Kerstin Brueller
Nadine Hochwieser
Kirschundkern, Christina Sieberer

Ivory Isle
Salon Hamburg
Paula Kunkel

The following behind the scenes (BTS) photos are provided by all of the members of the Lost Adventures Ladies. If you want to see more BTS, feel free to click here and see what’s new. Also we’re always happy to welcome new followers, who support us with their love for photography and creativity.


  1. What a great adventure! Nature and the sea looks so amazing. You girls are a great team, each of you is so special in what you’re doing. Go on following your dreams and passions! I really love your blogposts so much ❤️. Great stories.

    1. Thank you so very much <3 ! It truly was a very special and priceless trip to Portugal with the ladies. The portuguese landscape was so beautiful and definitely a place to travel to and to explore! Thank you so very much for your kind words!

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