I do not only model my tattoos, like someone else does not only models their ears or tooth gap  – I model my personality and the accessories I’ve been given to work with.

There are things, obivious things, which I cannot deny and/or hide – my Tattoos – but why would I want to hide them in the first place? I don’t, but sometimes I wish that people wouldn’t only just see ‘them’.

I’m working as a freelance model and of course my body – and therefore my tattoos – are probably one my greatest asset and something to describe me by? That’s probably true, but sometimes I feel like my tattoos are the only thing that’s important for choosing me as a model, if they are pointed out like that, or are as well the reason why I don’t get chosen. How contrarily ironic.

wearing a light pink bridal dress and a white lace jeans jacket with stitching and embellishments on it
#lostadventures Meetup Lisbon 2018, Photo by Herzflimmern, Make Up by Kirschundkern, Hair by Nadine Hochwieser, Jacket by Paula Kunkel


Take me as I am. And who I can be.

I love every single one of my tattoos, because they mean something to me (surprise, surprise), but mostly because each reminds me of a certain stage of my life and who I was with during that period of time. That’s why I think they are beautiful, not because I think they set me apart from other people.

I don’t only want to model for my tattoos – and I don’t want to complain about it at all, but it is often the only thing that seems important and essential, which is very honoring (no doubt), but not what I’m aiming for. On the other hand my tattoos seem like a great barrier, especially when it comes to catwalks (ok, I’m also not the tallest with 170 cm), high fashion and studio portrait shootings with creative make up – which I definitely would love to do more.

Luckily there are artists, who focus on other assets like a certain look or feel to their photographs and who think that if my ‘tattoos would take away from make up or clothing, the focus was just not set right or strong enough’. I truly love that point of view.

rosegold lips with black dots and fake piercing above my lips
Photo by Ramona Hackl, Make Up by Kirschundkern

I especially eliminate myself from, as far as I can, being called a ‘tattoo model’. I not only absolutely despise that term in connection with my person and personality – sorry, I’m just not feeling it – but it is also a pretty obvious thing to say ‘You have a lot of tattoos, so you are a tattoo model’ and it truly reduces me to my tattoos and for me (and please note again, that this is a personal opinion) it excludes me for being an ‘editorial model’ or ‘fashion model’ – if you really want to put a label on someone.

not a tattoomodel, me on a rocks in Portugal with a beautiful white bohemian dress by rue de seine bridal and ivory isle, beautiful landscape and atlantic ocean
Photo by Carolina Auer Photography, Hair & Make Up by Kirschundkern, Dress by Rue de Seine Bridal by Ivory Isle Vienna

Out of my personal experience the association with the term ‘tattoo model’ is and has always been in connection with semi-nude, nude and/or erotic photographs. I know that not everyone sees it that way and I really don’t want to offend someone with intention, but this is how I see it and I don’t want to be associated with that, simply out of the reason that I am not doing any straight-on erotic, nude, semi-nude (tattoo) model photography.

I honestly prefer clothing. I prefer working with my body and expression in an artsy way. I love long sleeves and turtlenecks. I know by looking at my portfolio it clearly shows. I am very aware and picky, when it comes to the release of tfp photographs. I always want the photo to show the right intentions and mood.

On social media, I don’t use any tattoo hashtags on purpose, so I don’t attract a certain audience. I am always so amazed, when I show a new project I’ve been able to be a part of and how my followers, friends and environment have such motivational and inspiring and kind words for me, which strengthen my beliefs in what I do and where I’m going.

not a tattoo model, model wearing an orange kimono at sundown on a mountain in the austrian alps in lofer
Photography by Slicpic Fotografie, Hair and Make Up by Nadine Hochwieser, Kimono by Kimonowerkstatt, Bracelet by FAN (Forgot about the name)

So, the question is: what would I call myself? Simply a model, which describes my profession – and if you want to describe me in order to say, that I have lots of tattoos, it is always nice to say ‘model with tattoos’. It’s a slight but decisive difference. At least for me.

All in all – I love where my journey is going and if I would have to stop modelling tomorrow, I can earnestly say that I do not regret one single thing I did, because I was able to learn so much about myself in so many ways and photography brought amazing people into my life, who were supposed to come into my life and me in theirs. People who are here for the long run. For the fun and the team work. People, who want to grow together.

Photography by Pixellicious Fotografie, Make Up by Metallized Make Up, Retouch by Emil Andonov High End Retouch

This is a huge thank you to everyone, who is part of my modelling journey and who gave me the chance to grow as a person as well as a model. Thank you to those, who pushed me and who saw more in me than my tattoos. That is something I will never forget you, because I remember!

– – – – – –

Thank you to all photographers, MUAs and designers, who made the photos of me –  used in this blogpost (linked below the photograph) above – possible! The blogpost header photograph was taken by amazing LA/USA photographer Jean Marie Biele. The extraordinary and beautiful make up was done by no one other than talented Austrian MUA Yolanda Dohr. Thank you so much ladies for the collaboration!

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