Being healthy, doesn’t only mean eating your fist full of veggies every day. It also means taking care of your body on the inside and outside. It’s a mindset.

‘You are what you eat.’ A very common known and used sentence – often said, but less often lived by. We truly are what we eat. Well, let’s say our physical inside is. And the way our physical inside is, it will affect our emotional inside (mood) as well as our outside (looks).

pure and raw vegan fruit lemonades at a restaurant in berlin
Natural raw fruit lemonades, Berlin / photo by Herzflimmern

The term ‘healthy’ is not a word you can simply pin down and define it. It’s a strong word affected by someone’s eating habits and health standards – a very subjective matter. Ask a 100 people and you’ll have a 100 different opinions (unfortunately, often formed by advertisements and trends). So all you can and will do, is to define your own meaning of ‘being healthy’.

Not only eating habits – even though they take such a huge part in your health – are relevant, but let me tell you about my diet first and get to outside influences, skincare and general happiness by taking care of your surroundings and environment, later in this blogpost.

badge on my jeans jacket by the stay home club me being in the palm tree house saying i will make it out alive
2018 / photo by Herzflimmern

I have chosen my personal definition of health about eight years ago, when I decided to be a vegetarian out of ethical reasons. I never faced up to the health affects, ethical and ecological point of view of being a vegetarian – speaking of the dominant intake of dairy products, which is just as bad as eating meat (concerning the extent of cruelty) if not worse. Out of that renewed realization – as humans tend to live by convenience, forget certain facts and are masters of suppression – I changed my 95 % vegan diet (basically because of my consumption of milk chocolate) to a 100 % vegan diet again, not long ago*.

*a little side note: I am not here to tell you what to do or what you need to eat –  I am solely telling you my way of being aware of my own health, well-being and surroundings.
Me standing in front of a palm tree background in a hotel in Berlin
Berlin 2018 / photo by Herzflimmern

Love all animals equally! Every living being has a right to live a free life and die a natural death.



I absolutely love animals. I believe through their presence they cause happiness and make us feel and realize what truly matters in life. They are often a life long partner and a true friend. Animals have feelings – feelings of joy and feelings of sadness, loss and especially fear.

  1. I like the facts that no animal is getting stressed, experience extreme loss, tortured, stuffed with antibiotics and other substances, harmed and killed for my diet and cosmetics.
  2. I could never ever kill an animal, therefore I don’t eat them.
  3. Pets and free-living animals have the same rights. I can’t love one and eat the other. Love all animals equally!
little sheep and curious mother sheep on a meadow next to the road
Scottland / photo by Herzflimmern; Thank you for letting me use this wonderful caputre!

I know what I put into my body, on my body and that certainly affects my well-being and overall health.


  1. I like the fact that I am choosing my food more cautiously and need to prepare most of it myself, whenever possible. I always know what’s in my meals. I know which and how many nutrients I need in order to have no deficiency. I also listen to my body more.
  2. I have much more variety in my meals, because I always discover different vegan products and it’s always exciting to give them a try. It gives me new possiblities. So the question ‘what are you eating as a vegan?’ is quite easy – a broader variety on products – often pure and raw – without taking lives and because of my diet I’m choosing to make a change towards our environment (read the environmental reasons down below).
  3. I go on the internet and look for substitutes (meaning natural combinations of certain foods to get a certain taste to it) in order to cook a something I’d really like to cook.
  4. I research a lot on the overall topic and broaden my knowledge. I like to look at the pros and cons. I am therefore able to criticize what I’ve learned and already questioned in nutrition and cooking class, back in school – which honestly still shocks me.
  5. All in all, I am living a more aware life. I know what I put into my body, on my body and that certainly affects my well-being and overall health. I have never been so active, aware, motivated and optimistic.

These facts are my personal view and opinion on being healthy.

green vegan tofu salad with dried tomatoes and smoked sliced tofu

We’re all living in a bubble of ‘everything is just fine’ and you’ll be proven that we are not fine. We all have to change something.


If you’ve ever watched the video by Prince Ea ‘3 seconds’ – if not, I ask you to take 5 minutes out of your day and watch it – you’ll realize that we’re all living in a bubble of ‘everything is just fine’ and you’ll be proven that we are not fine. We all have to change something in our common thinking, diet and doing in order to keep this planet alive – to safe it from ourselves.

In order to work against the massive destruction of our world, we can do such simple things like waste separation and awareness of waste reduction. The main problem though of the greenhouse effect is methane gas – by far the leading cause, caused by the animal agriculture (animal excretions, to be exact). Therefore the simplest way is as easy as it sounds: to go vegan (if you need any further fact, feel free to ask me or watch the documentary ‘Cowspiracy’).

I believe I do not need to explain why taking care of OUR environment is essential for our health, overall happiness and survival – BREATH IN and think about it, right?

lofer salzburg alps sundown in the mountains with orange sunlight which comes through the trees
Lofer Alps, Salzburg, AUT / photo by Herzflimmern

For years I am more aware not only what I put into my body, but also what I put onto my body – putting the focus on toiletries and make up – in order to feel healthy and neat.

Some brands obviously still find the need in testing on animals, which is totally absurd and uncontested cruel. What on earth gives us humans the right, to try out chemicals on animals, just because we feel too good to test it on our own?

Check the labels and check for cruelty free or even better vegan. In my latest blogpost ‘The Power of Make Up’ I’m talking about cruelty free products and linked an informative page to it. No animal should ever suffer for our toiletries and cosmetic products. Be aware of brands, which are vegan but a subsidiary company of a bigger brand – which might be testing on animals or which label to be cruelty free in your country, but ‘need to test on animals by law’ for other countries. Brands like these are not cruelty free in my eyes, so I will not support them. I again want to relate to an researched article by ‘Cruelty-Free Kitty’. Click here to get more info.

Just think: What kind of chemicals does the industry use, that they need to test it on animals in order to release it to the market? There is no product in the world, which gives reason to put animals through immense tortures and suffering. I don’t want the blood on my hands, head, face and whole body.

vegan label on vegan beauty cosmetic products
vegan label / vegan is always cruelty free

A more directly noticeable change of lifestyle to feel healthier is to avoid any kind of unnatural, externally added hormones such as birth control and I hate to break I to you, but it’s probably no news: meat and dairy products (estrogen amongst other hormones). Some people are more likely to show less negative reactions, but it surely can’t be healthy. My personal experience was a depressive mood, extrem self-doubt, despair, nervous breakdowns, crying fits and panic attacks.

Going through a change I am now mentally as well as physically feeling better. I feel motivated to work more, I feel more joy and thankful and ‘free’ of the dull emotion I dragged with me and fought against over the approximately past four years.

turning around in my jeans jacket in the palmenhaus in Vienna Austria with my hair flying
2018 / photo by Herzflimmern

My personal happiness is also defined by the people I surround and who surround me. I’ve found my girls and my guys, who I can always rely on and who always have my back. People, friends and family and sometimes even strangers, who can give me an honest feedback and let me know if I’m too dramatic or if I’m having a low or misrepresented self-appraisal.

Travelling with the people I love, exploring and going on adventures truly changed my life over the past few years. I’ve set a couple of things and former priorities aside and focused on travelling and meeting up with familiar and new faces. This makes my life so much more exciting and fulfills me.

group photo of my girls and I on the mountain jumping and being goofy having fun and enjoying each others company and love
My ladies, my best friends. Lost Adventures Meetup in Lofer, Salzburg, AUT


So all in all – health and happiness for me are a mixture of a varied, nutritional and balanced vegan diet, self-awareness and self-love by living by your own concious decisions and rules, what you put in and on your body, as well as the appreciation of the world we live in and its animals. We should start to make waves to live pro earth. Small waves are waves too.

If you have any questions concerning my point to of view on this topic, or if you would like to know more about it – feel free to ask in the comments down below. Also, let me know if you’re interested in another vegan blogpost on recipes, point of views and facts!



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Most photographs were taken by amazing photographer Nadine Schachinger from Herzflimmern. Thank you so much for documenting and providing me with these wonderful captures and letting me use photographs out of your stock.

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