In a photo shooting, the model is the canvas, the attitude and the mood. Be the best blank canvas you can, in order to be everything else from there on. 

‘Preparation is key, I think we can all agree.’ was my opening quote in one of my blogposts called ‘All about tfp’s’ followed by my list of things you should clearly state, when writing a photo shooting request. This quote is one I truly live by in so many ways, not only on requests, but before any photo shooting.

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I am a conceptionist and truly like to prepare and plan ahead. I like to be intuitive as well, but when it comes to complex photo shootings with lots of accessories I like to have a plan I go or don’t go by (spontaneity) at the photo shooting. My preparation includes not only buying or borrowing things for a photo shooting, getting all the essentials packed and ‘preparing’ my whole body from head to toe, but also the right mindset.

I’ve summarized my pre-photo shooting routine for you in 8 simple steps.

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  1. Do an entry in your analog and/or digital calendar.
    Whenever a photo shooting date is set, directly write down the date and mark it in any bold color. Also write down the specific time (maybe also the time you have to leave for it?) and place, if known.
  2. Review!
    Go through the whole conversations again, meaning go through your notes and/or thoughts, when you were on your phone with a person and write down all the given information, visions and plans.
  3. Get inspired.
    Go on Pinterest or any other inspirational website or look through a book or a magazine to get inspired by other model’s poses and vibes. Try to imagine how YOU could transfer this inspiration in your own work. Share it with your shooting partners, so they know what you have in mind and vice versa.
  4. Get organized.
    Get all your stuff together, like certain accessories, clothing and working materials – especially if you have planned a tfp photo shooting and were instructed to take care of a few essential things.
  5. Know your rights! 
    If you’re working a tfp photoshooting, make sure you have your tfp contract ready, if not already prepared by the photographer. If it’s a paid job, your contractee (client or model agency) should send it to you before your photo shooting.
  6. Get prepared.
    Pamper yourself – not only if you need to prepare for a photo shooting 🙂 – but especially when you have one planned. Plan in a personal me-time in order to focus on yourself, your mind and your body. I personally like to take a long bath, carefully wash, condition and mask my hair the day before the photo shooting – I personally use cruelty free or even better vegan products – so your hair can renew it’s natural oils to keep your scalp safe of any heating appliances and aggressive chemicals. Don’t put any additional styling products on your hair, if you’re working with a professional MUA and/or hairstylist, because they will use heating appliances and other products. They like your hair clean but raw. I also like to do my nails and use a peeling and rich moisturizing lotion on my body and face. Especially for closeups it is an absolute must. Don’t forget to shave.
  7. Take a lot of time to do your make up properly, if you do it yourself!
    Sometimes I need to do the make up myself, especially for tfp shootings, because it is about my natural look. I only use cruelty free products or even better if it is possible: vegan products. When I’m working with a MUA I’m always very happy and thankful, if him/her shows consideration of this for me personally super important topic! Read more on my thoughts about make up here!
  8. Be on time!
    It doesn’t matter if it is a paid or a tfp job (read more about tfp, what it stands for and the responisibilities) – be on time! There is nothing worse than not being able to start working, because one partner overlooked time and is runnig late, especially if studio was rented for limited hours and you have to pay, but can’t start. Better be 30 minutes early, than 30 minutes late.

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vegan and curelty free is an absolute must therefore these products are shown in this picture

There is nothing stressing me out more, than not being prepared. Why? Because each partner is taking time out of their busy daily business or taking his/her time at the weekend to prepare and plan as well. I’m not taking this for granted, because I wouldn’t want anybody else to take my time, work and preparation for granted. We reap what we sow! Right?

What are your routines when it comes to photo shootings or any other job? Let me know in the comment section down below! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!


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