We are more than photographs, more than just a few words.

I’ve never done something like this before, but I thought it would be nice to give you a little bit of random information about me. For myself I always like to get to know the people I am working with or I am about to work with. But this is not just only for business relations, but also on a personal level. Social media opens a lot of doors easily nowadays, but also shows our work mostly in pictures.

I thought it would be nice to divide this blogpost into two sections. The private facts section and the work section, where I’ll tell you a few facts about me in relation to the work I do and why I’m doing it. ‘Why’ in connection with modeling, can also be answered in one of my previous blogposts Dreams & Ends, if you’re interested in where I come from and why I’m doing what I’m doing.


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  1. The duo colored hair I have today, I owe to one of my best friends Simi, as she had it before I got it. It was important to me, that I asked her for permission first. Simi only had half of her bangs and one thin strand on one side dark brown. That’s how I started as well, but it got more and darker rather quickly. My hairdresser likes to say ‘so it fits your dark soul’.
  2. I love my coffee with vanilla soy milk and I cannot start my day off without it.
  3. I live a vegan lifestyle again as of recently. I’ve been a vegetarian (temporarily vegan) for over 6 years now and chose to live a strict vegan lifestyle again, because of strong ethical and environmental reasons, as well as for health reasons. I love animals and also believe that benevolence starts by loving and not killing animals.
  4. I used to play Basketball in a club called ‘Basket Duchess’. There was nothing more I loved than basketball when I was younger and I’m still loving it – I’m just not playing it regularly anymore. But when I’m holding a basketball, it brings back the best memories I can think of.
  5. When I was 15 I spent half a year in the USA – in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. I wanted to experience the American lifestyle and go to High School. I lived with my American Family, to whom I’m still super close to and visit them whenever possible. Therefore I love the English language so much, that I read any book or article and watch every series or movie in English. And YES of course – I’m a Green Bay Packers Fan. Go Pack go!
  6. My favorite animal is the Bunny. But it’s hard to choose a favorite, because all animals are just great and full of personality.
  7. I got to know my best friends over the past 3 years. There are only a few hearts, that are already stuck with me for longer than 3 years. I never thought I would have a ladies group of 10 freaking awesome ladies, but I cannot imagine my life without them anymore. Each and every single one is so so great and special their own way!
  8. I always whine when I have to work out every other day. BUT in my offence it just prepares my boyfriend who’s my personal trainer for difficult clients 😉 right?
  9. I’m all about positive vibes. I don’t appreciate and tolerate any public, personal negative – speaking of unproductive – feedback, bashing and sexual harassment in any way around me. I only surround myself with people, that want to work together and not against each other.
  10. I strongly believe in Karma. I believe if someone knowingly wants you evil, karma will get back at that person somehow. Life for me is all about respect. I don’t have to agree with anyone and if I don’t share the same values with someone, because that person simply won’t be a part of my life. Simple as that. I also believe that people come into your life for a reason. Either a blessing or a lesson. We need the lessons in order to grow and to cherish the good.


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  1. On a regular basis I am a screen designer and graphic Designer at Ben Pazdernik. I am a freelance artist at Tin.Eller Design, working on logo designs, illustrations, custom designs, shirt designs and whenever possible combined with hand-lettering to give a design an even more unique touch to it. Do you know how I came up with the name Tin.Eller? It’s the last four letters of my surname and name. Kerstin Brueller 
  2. I was a flight attendant at Fly Niki for a year as I majored in Culture & Tourism, before I started my graphic design education at the Art School in Vienna and continued studying Graphic and Communication Design at the ‘Die Grafische’.
  3. I’m with no model agency, because up to now my tattoos were named as the reason not to take me.
  4. I am not interested in what is called ‘tattoo model photography’. (a blogpost about this statement is in the making) My goals are, to set foot in editorial, studio portrait with creative make up and fashion photography, as it truly challenges me to work only with my face, my body in a stiff fashion way or come up with ‘poses’/expressions for just my eyes or my lips (for close up shots). I’ve turned down jobs, because of my dreams & ends.
  5. I am obsessed with typography. I have eagle eyes for punctuation marks and often torture my colleagues to use the right ones always, because I think it’s a sign of quality within the graphic design business among many other signs. My 7 years experience definitely makes a huge difference in the hand-lettering I do, because ‘you always need to know the rules, before you can break them’.
  6. I’m working on two operating systems – OS X and Windows. I have a Apple device at work and a PC with Windows at home.
  7. I used to do only analog illustrations and letterings until summer last year when I finally got the money together for an ipad, which was the best thing I could buy in order to truly grow as an artist in different ways. It is now my daily companion.
  8. I appreciate amicable working relationships and respectful collaborations. There’s nothing more honoring if someone wants to work with me, because of my personal illustration style or my art of posing modeling-wise.
  9. I have a million pens – so it seems, at least. I am totally obsessed with pens and fancy writing tools.
  10. I get up super early each day – before I go to work – to just sit, have my two vanilla soy lattes and illustrate, because it seems there is never enough time. I do research, brainstorming and answering mails while riding the subway to make the time that takes me to get to work (1 hour to be exact) of value to my personal and business interests.


I guess this is it for now. If you have any further questions on my person and/or my work, feel free to leave me a comment down below.

I would also love to know with whom I share a couple of facts with!


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Copyright: All the shown illustrations, I did myself under the name Tin.Eller Design
The header photo was taken by Carolina Auer Photography on the Lost Adventures Meetup in Mallorca, 2017

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  1. Hey Kerstin 🙂
    Super lieb geschrieben, find ich echt toll 🙂

    Ich vermiss euch alle voll und denke ganz viel an euch 🙂

    Kuki (Nicole)

    1. Hiii Nicole! Moaaa das freut mich richtig! Danke schön für dein liebes Kommentar (was ich viel zu spät gesehen hab – shame on me)! Vermissen dich auch! Alles Liebe und Bussi <3

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