When I am with you, I forget the rest of the world around me. There’s just You and me and our moments, our time, our feelings, our memories, our bond. It’s something we’ll remember forever. Believe me – even after many years, we’ll look back in awe and we’ll smile, because we lived. We lived our lives together. We loved our time together. We are now connected forever. Our hearts are. Forever.

Lost Adventure Ladies; Caro, Lisa, Christina, Maren, Camilla, Debby, myself, Nadi, Tinty & Dini / by selftimer

Being with my 9 ladies, my best friends, the fourth time is always an indescribably fulfilling and heartwarming feeling. It is so much fun, so so special, full of hard work, but still relaxing. Simply said: it is just priceless being with your best lady-friends for 5 whole days straight. And after each get-together I just love and miss them even more.

Our wooden hut on the Lofer alp, Salzburg, Austria / by Dunkelbunt Photography

The hype and the euphoria though started weeks if not months before the meetup (as always) – when we started asking our designers for their support and started planning where to go and what we would need. We also always start to plan our next meetup (or currently next two meetups) on the happening meetup – as you can imagine it is not always easy to get 10 super busy ladies together in one place at the same time.

Our time together always passes wayyy too fast – and so it did this time, as well . We all got together at a beautiful wooden hut (photo shown above) on the Lofer Alm in Salzburg / Austria. The view was so breathtaking each morning throughout the day, the mornings were filled with ‘Wows’ and ‘Aaaaahs’. We started off at 8 AM with breakfast and made a rough schedule for the day, so our make up and hair artist(s) knew who to get ready first and meanwhile our photographers could pick out the right clothes they wanted to shoot at a certain location.

Again, wonderful designers supported us with their work – their clothings (listed and linked down below). From vintage, wedding and cotoure dresses to lingerie, kimonos (dressing gowns) all handsewn, to designer print shirts, handmade boho jewelery and beautiful wreaths of flowers. We could not have asked for anything more. We had an extreme variety of different styles, for which we are truly thankful for. Especially the trust and motivation of the designers was truly honoring and so so motivational.

We’re so proud, honored and super thankful for our designer support. Please check them out down below, by clicking the direct link. / design by Tin.Eller Design

The weather was fickle, but no weather is bad weather if you know what you want and as long as you are together. Although it needs to be said, that all in all we were blessed with sunshine and foggy, moody days – and once even a clear blue sky.

It was cold outside, as 2° up to 10° Celcius (by day) were our standard temperature. The models were freezing badly during the photoshootings – no question at all – but we were equipped with warm shoes and jackets and everyone shared everything to keep each other as warm as possible. As soon as we arrived at our hut, our fire professional Lisa kept us warm.

Lisa taking care of the fire / by Herzflimmern

Twice we did short hikes and climbs as our lovely Carolina Auer is from the area and worked as a mountain guide in the past. The first hike was up to the Grubhörndl (approx. 1,747 m) and the second one to the Urlkopf (1,536 m), which was not as high, but definitely trickier than the Grubhörndl, hinking-wise.

It wasn’t always easy to walk up and climb over rough stones, walk on muddy and slippery grounds and to hold on to sometimes loose mountain pines – with not always the right shoes and precious clothings in our bags and hands (handbags) – securely packed.

The hikes were full of talks, endless and hysterical laughs, encouragements, ‘are you seriously kidding me right now?’-s and (a lot of) swearing along the way, BUT it was full of reliefs and no regrets, when we finally reached our final destinations, because both times it was more than so damn worth it … until … we realized the fact, that we needed to go and climb and swear all the way back down again.

Both times we only had about an hour to shoot AND to walk down the mountain again, if we didn’t want to walk in the dark – without flashlights and charged phones, of course … hehe, oh well. Instagram stories were more important obviously and used up all our battiers. Ooops. We had to arrange our planned shootings very very tightly, meaning about 15 minutes each (including outfit changes) as usually 2–3 were planned.

On top of the Grubhörndl, Lofer Alps in Salzburg, Austria / by Herzflimmern
On top of the Urlkopf, where Salzburg meets Tyrol, Austria / by Herzflimmern

The photoshootings couldn’t have been more trustworthy, variable and well operated together. I, for myself can say, that I trust my ladies more than anyone in the world. I know, that I can try out new things or ideas I’ve had for a while concerning a photoshooting. I know who is up for what and who’s style is a certain article of clothing. I know that they know me as a person, as an artist, as a model and last but not least I know that through their style of capturing moments, that it will look so good, because they are professionals. And I’m talking about the photographers as well as the models and make up artists.

Our nights together were so much fun, sometimes so stupidly full of jokes, games like ‘Who am I?’ and full of laughs aside a well prepared meal (… and gin, snacks, chocolate and beer). Nobody really wanted to go to sleep around midnight, but our bodies often showed our minds and hearts differently. So we gave in, but we all couldn’t wait for the next day to be finally there. During those 5 days, everyone pushed away the thought, that the days were passing way too fast in order to truly enjoy the moment, but once in a while the statement ‘I don’t want it to end again, so super soon!’ came through. New travel plans are already in the making, so we would have something to look forward to. For me, more than anything else.

It was truly an adventure, mayyybe with a few lost moments – to be fully honest. Oh well, we just needed to justify our meetup’s name. Just saying, right?

My gratitude goes out to all the designers, the Schmiderer family for the acommodation and location, to all our followers and supporters and last but not least: to all my girls, because without you I would not be where I am today and who I am today – which is simply happy, with you by my side. Thank you for pushing me in the right direction, supporting me throughout the year(s), for believing in me and picking me up the ground when things were not as bright as wished for. Thank you for your love and the unbeatable group coherence. THANK YOU FOR YOU! ♥ (PS: don’t miss the behind the scenes photos down below)


Herzflimmern, Nadine Schachinger
Slicpic Fotografie, Christina Brüschke
Carolina Auer Photography
Dunkelbunt Photography, Maren Heinze
Kunterbunt Fotografie (Lovers, Sinners & Saints), Debby Ostermöller

Nadine Hochwieser
Kirschundkern, Christina Sieberer

Camilla Roth
Lisa Skramovsky
Kerstin Brueller

Ankadò Flowers
Esther Hofmann Design
Tiga Lily Clothing, Goldstück
Das Kleid Salzburg
Taft & Tüll
Isabella Ramsl
Anna Mlekuz
Salon Hamburg
fan, forgot about the name
Tin.Eller Design

The following behind the scenes (BTS) photos are provided by all of the members of the Lost Adventures Ladies. If you want to see more BTS, feel free to click here and see what’s new. Also we’re always happy to welcome new followers, who support us with their love for photography and creativity.

Here are some impressions for you – to see what we were up to – if you haven’t had the chance to watch all our stories:


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  1. Lost Adventures ist Girlpower pur! Wahnsinn Mädels, was ihr da auf die Beine stellt. Gratuliere 🎉! Die Fotos sind großartig 😀 und die tolle Energie ist absolut spürbar. Das Foto mit den weißen Kleidern und Gummistiefel ist total herzig 💕 . Alles Liebe euch allen.

    1. Mah danke schön für dein Feedback! 🙂 Das freut mich/uns riesig! Die Meetups sind immer der totale Erfolg und so ein wahnsinns Kreativurlaub wo ganz viel neue Ideen und Energie und Motivation für kommende Projekte entstehen. Der Austausch bzgl Kritik und produktives Feedback ist einfach so viel wert! Ich freu mich wenn wir alle wieder zusammentreffen können und Lost Adventures in die nächste Runde geht! Alles Liebe, Kerstin

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