Last month (September 2017) I had the honor to get recommended, casted and picked for the new BIPA Austria campaign. I felt super honoring working with so many professionals at once with one goal. To deliver a message.

It has been so much fun and an amazing atmosphers on set. All the participants were so incredibly good and professional in what they did and who they are. For me it was such a great feeling to shoot and film and to be part of something with a strong message:

We are all women. The woman we want to be. Only ourselves can choose who and how we want to be. And we can be more than just one thing pinned to us. But in all of us there is still a girl with big dreams. No matter how old we are or how much we change over time, we should never ever forget the fun in the little things in life – and take great care of ourselves. We should all be carefree and let lose once in a while like girls do, because we need that (and we sometimes forget that). That girl brought you where you are today. Be proud, feel pretty and be your own heroine. Dream, but do not forget to fullfil your dreams. Be honest and just be who you are.

// please note, that the interpretation above is my personal view and interpretation on what “weil ich ein Mädchen bin” (engl. “because I am a girl”) means to me

Thanks to the amazing people I was able to work with on the photoshooting and filming day. You made it just perfect for me.


Client // BIPA • www.bipa.atCampaign
Agency // Serviceplan Austria
Video // Das Rund Filmproduktion
Photographer // Christoph M. Bieber Photography • Facebook Instagram
Make Up Artist Photoshooting // Stilenotes • Facebook Instagram
Styling Photoshooting // Angelika Königseder
Make Up Artist Video // Christine Akbaba • Facebook Instagram
Styling Video // Sonia Shaieb / t a t e n d r a n g

My Model Agency MMOODDEELL • Facebook Instagram
My Agency Page Kerstin Brueller

Making Of Photos // Anna Obermeier Photography • Facebook Instagram


Credits: Bipa Geschäftsführung: Michael Paterno, Erich Riegler, Thomas Lichtblau | Bipa Marketingleitung: Claudia Baumschlager | Agentur: Serviceplan Austria | Managing Director: Johan von Gersdorff | Account Director: Sebastian Hainbach | Client Service: Cordula Scholdan, Doris Haase | Creative Strategist: Maximilian Schöngen, Stefan Lissinna | Executive Creative Director: Christian Gosch | Creative Director: René Pichler, Stefan Kopinits | Art Director: Stefan Hundlinger | Design: Katina Fitsch | Copywriter: Luca Müller, Samia Azzedine, Daniel Stock | Head of Digital: Jan Paepke | Social Media: SoSoSocial | Fotograf: Christoph M. Bieber | PR: Loebell Nordberg Gmbh | Filmproduktion: Das R& | Regie: Bode Brødmüller | Musik: BadOwlMusic Peter Kastner/Karmic
(Info:, Stand: Oct-2017)

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