Bommes, Moon and who the f* is Betty?

Come with me – we’re going on a journey, which we’ll not easily forget. Look at the mountains and at the people in this place. Each and every single one and among themselves. Something magical is happening here. A family. #bergziegen17
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Komm mit mir mit, wir unternehmen eine Reise die wir nicht so schnell vergessen werden. Schau dir mal die Berge und die Menschen hier an. Jeder für sich und untereinander. Hier entsteht was magisches. Eine Familie. #bergziegen17 // credits photo and text Martin Neuhof


Group photo on our last day of the meetup in Martrei in Eastern Tyrol, Austria.
What an incredible week it has been in Matrei/Tyrol with the #bergziegen17 Meetup group. Such lovely people with great hearts and great passion for what they do. Photography and storytelling – all in one.


The trip to Tyrol and spending so much time with the whole group has been so very encouraging and motivating and inspiring to talk to each single artist and work with them together. Just the moments and days I urgently needed after a very stressful and nerve-racking (pre-)summer – challenging me a lot this year.


It was such an enriching week on a personal level as well as on a working level – with so may new projects and moments have been made together and so many new friendships have been built. I cannot believe how fast it went by and that I won’t be able to see the group each day. The group was just so perfect, caring and dynamic.


Deep, intense turquoise water.
The weather couldn’t have been more variable, but that made it so exciting and alternating in style. The landscape has been so giving and beautiful – no matter where you turned your head at, it was breathtakingly beautiful.


I will definitely miss getting up each morning – waking everyone up, because the floor was just too loud. I will miss sitting at the kitchen table looking at tired faces, which felt so familiar and it felt like knowing them all for years already – and waking up together in slow motion. I will miss the hustling around, because all the clothes kinda looked alike – especially the black ones did. No one finding their things and if they did, another piece of clothing was lost on the way. I will miss the smell of the woodstove, the cold and wind, the crazy and nosey sheep and cows in the meadow, spying on us. I will miss experimenting on new styles and looks.


But what I will miss the most, are the hearts and souls of all the creatives and crazy people who made those 4.5 days for me so much worth and fun to be there. It was therapeutic in so many ways. I will miss my Mountain-Herzmenschen, who I would love to see as soon as possible again.


Thanks everyone who followed us on instagram stories and who already left some comments on the few results, which are already out. Find all the results under the hasthag #bergziegen17 and make sure to check out the artists’ profiles.


I miss you guys! Let’s get together soon again!



Not in the photo: Nadine Kunath / Vanessa / Betty

All photos shown below were provided by the #bergziegen17 crew. Big thanks for all the wonderful BTS!



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